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Which Roomba?

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Housekeeping no more! The “Which Roomba?” app helps you find the best Roomba to put your home cleaning on autopilot.

Whether your home is large or small, with hardwood floor or carpets, the “Which Roomba?” app will find a match. Pet owners, there is a Roomba for you too.

Why Roomba?

We’ve been reviewing vacuum robots since 2012. And Roomba frequently stands out. These cleaning robots are made by iRobot, the company that pioneered the home robotics market.

The very first Roomba was released in 2002. Since then, iRobot continues to iterate and improve its robots. This is why the Roomba are currently the best reliable vacuum robots on the market. They provide unique features. Last, but not least, iRobot provides an excellent customer service.

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