100% Independent Reviews of Roomba & Friends

Nootrix mission is to help people make the best of domestic robots. Those robots can already be useful in homes and offices. The most famous one are Roomba vacuum robots. There exist however other robots that have the potential to take care of chores, and save your time to finish that important project, or connect with family and friends.

However, there are plenty of kinds of domestic robots. And, for each kind, there are several brands. Moreover, each manufacturer has its own jargon. All these contribute to make it difficult to choose truly useful robots.

This is why we provide you with detailed guides to help you understand the technology. Based on our 15+ years expertise in robotics, we review and compare existing robots.

According to Google, our content has been viewed 2,000,000+ times. This is no accident. It shows that our 100% independent reviews do help people pick the right robot for their home, and family.

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