Free Online Course on Control of Mobile Robots

Wanna learn how to make mobile robots? This free online course entitled “Control of Mobile Robots” is for you (see Video 1). The tutor is Dr. Magnus Egerstedt, a Professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. For 7 weeks, he will be introducing concepts from control theory, and how to map them onto an actual physical platform. In addition, an introduction into microcontrollers, mechatronics, and electronics will be given so that, by the end of the course, the controllers developed in the course can run on an actual mobile robot.

The course features two optional assignments. The first one is building a mobile robot from scratch, and the second is on implementing the controllers developed in this course for a mobile robot on a MATLAB-based simulator.

Video 1: Presentation of the Course on “Control of Mobile Robots”

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