Are Roomba Good for Hardwood Floors, Thick Carpets and Tiles?

Answers to All Your Questions on Roomba, Neato & Other Vacuum Robots

The short answer is yes. Roomba are very suited to vacuum hardwood floor and tiles. That’s true for all vacuum robots. High-end ones are also excellent at cleaning carpets, including thick ones.

On Roomba, the cleaning system ensures maximum efficiency through a combination of brushes and suction. Actually, Roomba rely on two brushes: a main brush and a secondary one. The latter spins on the edge. It captures dust along the side of the robot. Hence, even if the Roomba is round, it still cleans wall edges.

Roomba side brush cleans wall edges

The main brush is located underneath the robot. It collects debris and hair and channels them into the suction path of the vacuum motor. On Roomba 800 series and the high-end 900 series and i7+, the main brush is more efficient than ones found in most other robotic vacuums. It is indeed made of two counter-rotating dirt extractors. They break down dirt into smaller parts easier to suck, resulting into improved cleaning. Besides, the counter-rotation avoids hair getting entangled. This means less maintenance for you pet owners. No need to clean the main brush, as with other vacuum robots.

Roomba Counter-Rotating Brushes Break Debris

Last, Roomba has a dirt sensor that improves the cleaning. It detects areas with high concentrations of dirt, dust, and pet hair. Those are typically around the dining table or high-traffic zones of your home. The Roomba is capable of detecting these spots and spend more time cleaning them.


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