Vacuum Robots FAQ: Answers to All Your Questions on Roomba & Friends

Answers to All Your Questions on Roomba, Neato & Other Vacuum Robots

This vacuum robots FAQ page gathers all frequent questions on Roomba and Friends. Indeed, it provides answers to all your questions on the Roomba family from the cheap best seller to the latest high-end one. Besides, we also discuss other vacuum brands, that make good alternatives to Roomba such as Neato, Samsung or Ecovacs.

Beside this FAQ, you can also find valuable information on vacuum robots in our ultimate vacuum robots buyers guide. Indeed, you will learn all vacuum robots features that impact cleaning performance. We also help you to choose the best, and most affordable vacuum robot for your home.

Are Roomba Good for Hardwood Floors, Thick Carpets and Tiles?

The short answer is yes. Roomba are very suited to vacuum hardwood floor and tiles. That's true for all vacuum robots. High-end ones are also excellent at cleaning carpets, including thick ones.On Roomba, the cleaning system ensures maximum efficiency through a combination of brushes and suction. Actually, Roomba rely on ...
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Are Vacuum Cleaner Robots Worth It?

You might wonder how good are vacuum robots and if you should you buy one. This post will help you decide. Simply put, if you like vacuuming your home several times a week, then you don't need a vacuum robot! But, if you want to automate your cleaning and have ...
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How Much Does a Vacuum Robot Cost?

Prices for vacuum robots vary widely. You can find very cheap ones at less than $200 or even $100. Avoid those ones! They have poor performance. If you really want to automate cleaning, you need to spend at least $250. At this price you get a budget vacuum robot with ...
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Is Roomba Able to Go Over Threshold Dividers Between My Rooms?

In theory, vacuum robots can go over threshold dividers up to 1 inch (~2.54 cm) high. This is why Roomba and friends have their main wheels mounted on springs.In practice, vacuum robots can easily go over flooring transitions that are less than 1/2 inch high (~1.3 cm). But, thresholds that ...
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What are the Top Vacuum Robot Brands?

In our yearly review of vacuum robot brands, we have ranked vacuum robot brands based on their average quality. We have considered that the characteristics of sold products is merely a hint about how good is a robotic vacuum brand. The actual quality is a mix of the following criteria ...
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What is a Vacuum Robot? What is an Automatic Vacuum?

Vacuum robot, vacuum cleaning robot, robotic vacuum, and automatic vacuum, all mean the same. They refer to a robot that automatically vacuums your home or office. This automatic vacuum is the first kind of first truly mobile autonomous robots to reach the consumer electronics market. Vacuum robots are autonomous since ...
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What is the Best Alternative to Roomba

There exist excellent alternatives to Roomba. Other brands that we discuss below make vacuum robots that are cheaper than Roomba, while being as good or even better at cleaning. Check Out The Various Roombas The Roomba family is currently the market leader. Its build quality, excellent cleaning performance, and customer ...
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What is the Best Vacuum Cleaning Robot?

Roomba i7+ is Currently the Best Vacuum Cleaning Robot Roomba i7+ is the latest Roomba. It is also the first and only vacuum robot capable of self cleaning. It empties its own dirt bin each time it connects to its docking station. iRobot is the Best vacuum Robot Brand The ...
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What is the Best Vacuum Robot for Large Homes ?

Cleaning a large home is a task that only some vacuum robots can efficiently tackle. Indeed, to clean a large home, a vacuum robot should be able to move from one room to the other. It should also be capable to clean a large area in a single cycle. In ...
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What is the Most Dependable Vacuum Robot Today?

We conducted a survey to find out the best vacuum robot. We collected 9515 responses, discussing 39 robotic vacuums from 12 different brands. It turns out that the Roomba 980 and the Neato Botvac D7 Connected are the top vacuum robots, by the two best vacuum robots brands today. They ...
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Which Robot Vacuum is Best for Pet Hair?

A vacuum robot is a good idea to collect pet hair. You'll be surprise how much your vacuum robot will pick up. In the following, we discuss features that make a vacuum robot best suited for dog and cat owners. Such vacuum robots combine cleaning performance, and low maintenance. Choose ...
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Which Vacuum Robot is the Quietest?

The combination of brush rotations with the vacuum pump operation result in a high level of noise. The noise level can be as high as 80dB, which is equivalent to an alarm clock or a coffee grinder. We present here 4 solutions to reduce noise, and even have your home ...
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Will a Vacuum Robot Detect Stairs and Avoid Falling Down?

Except for very cheap toys, all vacuum robots, including affordable ones, include several cliff sensors. Thanks to these sensors, a vacuum robot detects when it reaches a stair edge. It then changes direction, to avoid falling down. Cliff sensors are are located underneath the robot. They rely on infra-red light ...
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Would You Recommend the EcoVac Deebot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

EcoVac Deebot belongs to the low-cost category of robotic vacuum cleaners. It does a good job cleaning hard floors and tiles. Results are ok on thin carpets, but at the expense of increased battery consumption. Its companion mobile app is available both for iPhone and Android. So, you can use ...
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