What is a Vacuum Robot? What is an Automatic Vacuum?

Answers to All Your Questions on Roomba, Neato & Other Vacuum Robots

Vacuum robot, vacuum cleaning robot, robotic vacuum, and automatic vacuum, all mean the same. They refer to a robot that automatically vacuums your home or office. This automatic vacuum is the first kind of first truly mobile autonomous robots to reach the consumer electronics market. Vacuum robots are autonomous since they operate without any human intervention. They can operate based on a schedule and clean your place while you are away.

The Vacuum Robot Market is Mature

The first commercial vacuum robot was the Electrolux Trilobite. It was firt sold on 2001. A year later, iRobot, a company specialized in military robots made the famous Roomba. Roomba is the current leader of the market, with many millions units sold. Nowadays, the market is mature. There exist plenty of vacuum robot brands competing by reducing the prices and introducing new innovations.

The Future of Vacuum Robots

Helper robots at home is a compelling idea. We all want to have some machine to take care of all the housekeeping chores. Besides, the aging population makes such service robots even more necessary. Indeed, we need robots that take care of all the grannies and the grandpas living alone. Such robots are among high priority targets of the robotic community. This is why there exist competitions such as the RoCKIn @ Home and the RoboCup@Home. Unfortunately, none of the current robotic assistants is ready yet to take care of the dishes or the laundry. They are still far form fictional robots in movies and TV shows such as Rosie the robot-maid. Nevertheless, they are continuously making progress. And the good news is that there exist robots on sale that successfully deal with other chores beside automatically vacuuming your home.

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