Which Vacuum Robot is the Quietest?

Answers to All Your Questions on Roomba, Neato & Other Vacuum Robots

The combination of brush rotations with the vacuum pump operation result in a high level of noise. The noise level can be as high as 80dB, which is equivalent to an alarm clock or a coffee grinder. We present here 4 solutions to reduce noise, and even have your home automatically cleaned while you sleep.

1. Plan Cleaning While You Are Away

Noise might not be an issue if you pick a vacuum robot that supports scheduling. Even some of the cheapest vacuum robots such as the Ecovacs Deebot N79S, do offer this feature. You simply plan the cleaning while you are out.

2. Remotely Operate The Vacuum Robot

What if I forgot to schedule cleaning? Many vacuum robots, especially high-end ones have a companion app. So, you can control your robot while you are away from your smartphone or smartwatch. Just trigger cleaning from wherever you are. You’ll find your home clean and fresh once back.

3. Choose a Vacuum Robot with Eco Mode

Some vacuum robots have an Eco mode. In this quiet mode, the brushes and the pump operate at a lower speed, and generate less noise. This comes often at the expense of cleaning performance. However, some high-end vacuum robots such as the Neato Botvac D7 Connected, manage to drop the noise level down to 66 dB, while keeping high suction power, and hence good cleaning performance.

4. Use a Robot Mop

E, 66dB is too loud. You cannot sleep while the vacuum robot operates. If you really want a truly quiet cleaning robot, consider buying a robotic mop such as the iRobot Braava jet instead of a vacuum robot. Its noise level is as low as 35 dB. This is so low that if operated in a library, nobody would notice! The secret: no rotating brushes, and no vacuum pump. Instead, it carries a pad for sweeping the floor.

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