How Much Does a Vacuum Robot Cost?

Answers to All Your Questions on Roomba, Neato & Other Vacuum Robots

Prices for vacuum robots vary widely. You can find very cheap ones at less than $200 or even $100. Avoid those ones! They have poor performance. If you really want to automate cleaning, you need to spend at least $250. At this price you get a budget vacuum robot with the bare minimum features. If you want better cleaning for all kinds of floors and homes, expect to pay about $400. But, maximum automation is brought by high-end vacuum robots that can cost from $700 to $1200.

Budget Vacuum Robots

If you are tight on budget, check out our selection of vacuum robots for less than $300. They’ll do the job for small homes with hardwood floor or tiles. But, at this price you get a dumb robot that roams randomly around your home, bouncing on walls and furniture. More importantly, you’ll get mediocre results cleaning carpets and collecting pet hair. Except for the low cost Roomba. It’s still dumb, but it does better than other cheap vacuum cleaning robots.

Vacuum Robots for Pet Owners and People Suffering from Allergy

If you can afford spending more, go for a vacuum cleaning robot from the best brands. They have high suction power for better cleaning on all kinds of floors and carpets. This is important if you are a pet owners. More expensive vacuums have also high performance filters. They capture smaller dust particles and pollen. Ideal if a member of your family suffers from allergy.

High-End Vacuum Robots For More Automation

High-end vacuum robots they come with more features and automation. There is the interaction via mobile app, or voice command on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. There is also advanced scheduling. The vacuum robot map your home, so you can plan to clean more often rooms with high traffic such as the kitchen, and the living room. The latest innovation is self cleaning. The vacuum robot empties its own dirt bin. Just set it and forget it!

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