Sensor Scanner for Android: List and Watch your Smartphone Sensors

sensorScannerIt is no scoop that Smartphones are attractive for robotics. They gather in a small case a display, wireless for communication, computing capabilities, and a bunch of sensors. That’s cool! But, you might be using a secondhand device, and you don’t know what sensors are available, or you may want to check if any is broken. Besides, some sensors are software-based, and thus may be there or not depending on the Android version you are running.

This is why we came up with the Sensor Scanner App for Android™ devices. It lists all sensors available on your smartphone (see Picture 1). When you can select an individual device, its info are displayed (Picture 2). It’s also possible to turn it on and watch its values changing, so you can check if it is working properly (Picture 3). You can also download it and give it a try. It’s free and easy :-)

Install is straightforward. All you have to do is open either the current post using the web browser of your Android smartphone, and click on the app’s link. Enjoy!

Picture 1: List With All Available Sensors

Picture 2: Sample Sensor Information

Picture 3: Sample Sensor Values


  • The package is not installing in my Samsung Galaxy SII :(
    (yes, I can install apps from outside the market)

  • The download page does not automatically download the file for my Samsung Galaxy NoteII, with the stock browser.
    Model: GT-N7105
    Android version: 4.3
    Kernal version: 3.0.31-2379898

    To successfully install it i downloaded it to my PC, and dragged it across via the USB cable.

    • We had some trouble with our servers recently. May be your download happens during this period.

  • More notes:

    – Isn’t GPS a sensor? It’s not here in the list :(
    I was hoping to see what filtered and unfiltered GPS sensors there were on my phone.
    (phone definitely has GPS, and i turned it on)

    – If you guys ever want to update the app, a handy feature would be the ability to have all of the sensors’ values updating on the phone’s screen all at once.


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