NPR TED Radio Hour on Robotics

nprTedRadioHourThere are many cool programs broadcasted by the National Public Radio (NPR). One among our favorites is the TED Radio Hour. Every episode discusses a specific topic and provides excerpts of related TED talks.

This summer, NPR rebrodcasted an episode on robotics and ethics, a subject related to our post: Yes to Robotics! No to Killer Robots! The TED Radio Hour on robots is entitled: “Do We Need Humans?”. You can listen to the full episode through streaming on the program’s page. It is also available through the TED Radio Hour Podcast.

A last word, if you enjoy NPR programs or TED Talks as we do, please consider displaying it on your web site. Our friends from Cause Ribbon have made it super easy. Just select ribbons of causes you want to support, and you’ll get a small code to insert into your web page. That’s it! Note that if you have chosen two or more ribbons, a different one will be displayed each time you load the page.

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