3 Super Simple Robots for Weekend Projects

Robotics is of great fun. But, making robots can take very long time… Or may be not. Checkout the selection of videos below we have gathered for you. Those DIY robots belong to the so called BEAM Robotics. Robots made along this philosophy are based on simple analog circuits with inexpensive and more often scavenged parts.

Video 1: Toothbrush Robot (HexBugs Clone)

Video 1 features a robot similar to the famous hexbug nano that we have discussed in a previous post. To make a clone of the hexbug, you need only three parts: a toothbrush, a vibrating motor and a battery. That’s it! Interestingly, the bristle-based motion apply also for larger robots. The first robot shown in Video 3 demonstrates this very same idea using a scrub brush.

Video 2: Simple BeetleBot

Another cool robot to make is the BeetleBot presented in Video 2. This robot is a bit smarter than the hex bug since it is able to avoid obstacles. The sensing is performed using two wires (the beetle “antennas”) that push two momentary switches when touching any object. As a result, motors rotate backward and the robot moves away from obstacles, exhibiting a realistic insect-like behavior. Kids will love it!

Video 3: Several Simple Robots

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