Shark IQ R101AE​ Robot Vacuum vs Roomba i7+ vs Roomba S9+?

Shark IQ R101AE Auto Empty vs Roomba s9+ Self-Cleaning Vacuum Robots

According to its manufacturer, the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty has all features you expect from the high-end Roomba s9+. It learns and maps your whole home, allowing you to set schedules and select specific areas to clean. Moreoever, its ability to automatically empty its dustbin, allows for autonomous operations for up to a month. All at a fraction of the Roomba’s price. Sounds attractive, right? Let’s put it under test and see how it actually compares to the top vacuum robots on the market.

Video 1. Presenting the Shark IQ R101AE with Self-Empty™ Technology

Specs of the Shark IQ R101AE

 Systematic Cleaning

The IQ R101AE is the first robot vacuum by Shark which is capable of systematic navigation and cleaning. Likewise top Roomba, it embeds a camera that allows it to map your home and locate itself based on pictures taken from the ceiling. So, it can move in straight lines, avoid obstacles and continue until covering all the floor (see Video 2 below).

Shark IQ R101AE Empties Its Own Dustcup

The most notable feature provided by this new vacuum robot by Shark is self-cleaning. The Shark IQ R101AE is part of a very small group of robots that​ automatically empty their dustbin. The charging station sucks all debris collected by the robotic vacuum into a much bigger bin. So, the Shark IQ robot can operate for weeks autonomously.

Video 2. Specs of the Shark IQ R101AE Robot Vacuum

Suction Power

Measures of the air flow are impressively high. The Shark IQ without self cleaning base beats all vacuum robots on the markets including the top Roomba s9+. The Shark IQ Auto-Empty has a bit lower suction power, but still very high. It rivals with the high-end Neato D7. This power shows up through the ability to pick up debris, small and large, on hard floors and on carpets.


The main brush underneath the vacuum robot, allows to deeply clean thick carpets. The design also avoids hair entanglement. This feature makes the Shark IQ a good fit for pet owners.

The main brush is nicely complemented with 2 side brushes. They rotate at a slow speed. This is why they are effective at collecting hair and dust on the edges and corners. Most other vacuum robots have fast rotating side brushes. They scatter most of debris, instead of pushing it towards the main brush.

Smart Navigation

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Smart navigation allows for systematic navigation discussed above. The IQ makes a first pass and cleans most of the floor. While doing so, it builds a map of your home. So, it knows exactly areas it missed. Then, after the first pass, the Shark IQ goes back to these places and ensures they are cleaned too. In case it runs out of battery, the IQ goes back to recharge. Then, it resumes cleaning where it left off. This feature is useful especially in large homes.

Navigation includes obstacle avoidance. And the Shark IQ series is good around table and chair legs. It also has a low profile to cleanup under furniture such couches. Still it can climb over thresholds that are higher than what most other vacuum can deal with.

Comparison with Roomba s9+ & i7+

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