Vacuum Robot Love Story: Cute Commercial Inspired by Wall-E

Vacuum Robot Love Story

The german company Vorwerk issued a cute ad video (see below) featuring their new vacuum cleaner robot Kobold VR200. The story is inspired from the Disney-Pixar’s great movie Wall-E: a toy robot falls in love with the new shiny robotic vacuum.

When looking at Kobolds, one quickly has a déjà vu feeling. The Kobold has the exact same D-shape patented by Neato Robotics. The behavior is also the same as Neato vacuum robots. It relies on a laser for systematic cleaning. It seems that Vorwerk had some agreement with Neato Robotics. The announcement of Kobold VR200 came only few months after the launch of the first Neato Botvac series. But, the Kobold VR is not available for sale any more. Neato with its Botvac Connected series made so many innovations at very fast pace, that it surpassed both its allies and the competition.

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