Starwars BB-8 Droid Working Miniature Version Awakens

Update: Sphero released two other miniature Star Wars droids: The famous R2D2 and the BB-9E, the dark astromech droid of the First Order that debuts in Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

Starwars episode VII (The Force Awakens) revealed the now famous round droid BB8. And of course, every fan wants one. Makers can make their own life-size Phone Controlled BB8 (see Video 3 below). If you don’t have the time or the skills to make your own, you are in luck. Sphero, the robot manufacturer adapted their spherical robot, and built on top a smartphone enabled miniature version of the BB-8!

With your iOS or Android device, you can control the body to roll or rotate head. There is also a patrol mode where BB-8 roams on its own. And of course, the droid lights up its internal LEDs and makes sounds, exactly like in the movie. Charging has been made super easy. The robot’s battery charges through induction when you put it on its base.

This cool gift is getting even cooler, since the price is dropping. You can get your own mini BB-8 for less than $130.

Buy BB-8 Sphero

If you already have an old Sphero, you can hack it by yourself and make your own BB-8 (see Video 2 below). And by the way, let’s be more creative and go beyond what is already done, by for example adding a laser pointer. Wait. Sphero is small. What about building a full scale BB-8? A such droid can include a pico video projector and be even more realistic. There an open source project that can serve as a good starting point to make this cute robot.

Video 1: Minature Smartphone Enabled BB-8 Droid

Video 2: Transform a Sphero into a BB-8

Video 3: DIY Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid

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